South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group

Kevin de Leon Stands with Wilmington at L.A. People’s Climate March

10,000 People March on Tesoro Refinery in Wilmington


Climate Marchers take over PCH as they march on the Tesoro Refinery to oppose the merger of that Refinery with BP Carson (photo by Luke Massman-Johnson)

She’s Marching – You Need to March With Her

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Climate Change Begins In Our Hood!

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L.A. People’s Climate March, in Wilmington – Saturday April 29 @11am

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Watch This Right Now!

Feb 18 -Torrance Refinery Rally & March


On Saturday, February 18th, we are marching to the Torrance Refinery to take a stand for the health and safety of our communities.

Torrance Refining Company and Valero’s Wilmington Refinery are the only California refineries that use Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) and “Modified” Hydrofluoric Acid (MHF). Exposure to HF can lead to irreversible organ damage, deep tissue damage, and death. Two years ago, the Exxon Mobil explosion in Torrance missed one of these MHF tanks by only a few feet.

We strongly support the heroic community efforts made by the grassroots groups Torrance Refinery Action Alliance and FLARE.. They have kept the public informed and performed a public service calling attention to the many dangers of the Torrance Refinery. Banning the use of MHF at these refineries is a critical first step in addressing the toxic dangers of the refinery. HF and MHF are among the most toxic substances on the planet, and it must be banned immediately.
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#RefuseResistRevolt Trump on Healthcare

Our great allies of the National Nurses United union are holding OUR FIRST STAND: HEALTHCARE at world famous Grumman’s Chinese Theatre. They know what we know – that the climate crisis is a health crisis.

Be there with us for the Light Brigade rally and demonstration.  WE STAND WITH THE NURSES!


Ready to Resist the Trump Regime?

If you’re ready to take #RefuseResistRevolt action and hit the ground running in the first week of the new year, our friends at the Center for Biological Diversity are co-sponsoring  Earth2Trump, a resistance event in Los Angeles on January 4th, 2017. RSVP Here

The Roadshow’s purpose is to strengthen our unity in our resistance to the next Presidential administration, and to strengthen our intersectionality across issues like Homelessness, Criminal Justice Reform, Immigrant Rights, Human Rights, Enviro Justice, and the Environment.


The event will be held at the Global Beat Multi Cultural Center, from 7pm to 9pm. Doors open at 6:30pm.

Central Los Angeles near Crenshaw/Slauson

3810 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90043

MTA Stops nearby and there is lot’s of street parking.

We hope to see you there! Here’s the Facebook invite link


Refuse. Resist. Revolt.


Six oil refineries.

The largest shipping ports in the USA.

Los Angeles International airport.

All within a dozen miles of South Bay Los Angeles 350’s offices.


The worst air pollution and most related deaths and health damage of any place in the United States right here in Wilmington, San Pedro, South L.A., East L.A. and all the neighborhoods surrounding the toxic operations and on the routes of their cancer-causing diesel powered truck traffic.


And now the champion of toxic emissions, the cheerleader for unregulated industries free to destroy a livable climate, drinkable water and breathable air has conned his way into the White House and our slim chances to meet the Paris climate goals have evaporated along with our nation’s planned support and cooperation with those goals.

And you want to know what the hell do we do now.

And it’s especially freaking you out because you were sucker-punched and didn’t see this roundhouse kick to your face coming.

You thought you had this election figured out and that your biggest problem would be holding Hillary’s heels to the fire so she would continue to feel The Bern on ending fossil fuel use, building out our renewable energy infrastructure and expanding on Obamacare with single payer Medicare-for-all.

And now that’s all just a fantasy and your worst nightmare just became your next four years of reality and you have no crisis management plan for that.

No coping mechanism.

No plan B.

Yeah, we get it.  We know how you feel.

But we DO have a big picture plan.

We know what direction we need to go and we’re ready to stop grieving and start moving.

And now we’re asking YOU to throw down and join us to Refuse, Resist and Revolt.

Here’s what we’re talking about:


  • To be quiet, or to go away, or to accept defeat.
  • To believe you are alone, or marginalized or insignificant. We are in fact multitudes and we are mighty enough to change the course of history .
  • To obey in advance.  Anticipatory obedience to repressive and fascist governments gives away the people’s power to totalitarians.
  • To allow the degradation or destruction of what you love and hold dear.


  • The urge to give in or give up – Choose to fight back!  When we fight, we win.
  • Publicly and loudly all fascist, racist and hate-driven ignorance wherever you find it.
  • All orders, policies or direction you know are dangerous to our health, safety and welfare.


  • Against any and all attempts to scale back or eliminate the protections, regulations and policies we put in place to protect the vulnerable, the poor or the powerless.
  • Against plans and actions that sabotage all our efforts to address climate change.
  • Against legitimatizing unjust, corrupt and fraudulent regimes who lie to, cheat and oppress the people.

You are already revolted by what’s happening and you know that escalation is your only moral response.

The time has come for you to stand and be counted on for direct action. There are no better angels being summoned by those who have taken power.

If not now, when?

If not here, where?

If not YOU, who?

We don’t want your money. Donate dollars to those who need them more.

We need your input, we need your time, we need your commitment and we need your heart, soul and courage.

We are ready to lead and we are ready for you to step up and lead side by side with us.

Each of us has something to contribute, all contributions are valuable and necessary.

Together we cannot be stopped if we seize the moment and the power we already have.

We will be meeting in person in January and we need you there to join us and find your place in the bold, aggressive and relentless climate action we will now be taking.

We are not devastated or demoralized – we are ready to defend and protect what we love and cherish by fighting for what we know is right.

We are unbeatable if we have YOU at our side.

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